Fifth Republic


From: 18/05/1995
To: 01/06/1997

Prime Minister Alain Juppé RPR
Minister of Foreign Affairs Hervé de Charette PPDF
Minister of Interior Jean-Louis Debré RPR
Minister of Economy and Finance Alain Madelin PR
Minister of Justice Jacques Toubon RPR
Minister of Defence Charles Millon AD
Minister of Labour, Social Dialogue and Participation Jacques Barrot FD
Minister of National Education, Higher Education, Research anf Professional Formation François Bayrou FD
Minister of Public Health and Health Insurance Élisabeth Hubert RPR
Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Philippe Vasseur PR
Minister of Culture Philippe Douste-Blazy FD
Minister of Spatial Planning, Infraestructures and Transport Bernard Pons RPR
Minister of Industry Yves Galland PRV
Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade and Handicrafts Jean-Pierre Raffarin PPDF
Minister of Environment Corinne Lepage INDEP.
Minister of Youth and Sports Guy Drut RPR
Minister of Housing Pierre-André Périssol RPR
Minister of Information Technologies and Posts François Fillon RPR
Minister of Integration and the Fight against Exclusion Éric Raoult RPR
Minister of Solidarity between Generations Colette Codaccioni RPR
Minister of Relations with the Parliament Roger Romani RPR
Minister of Economic Development and Planning Jean Arthuis FD
Minister of State Reforms, Decentralization and Citicenship Claude Goasguen FD
Minister of Civil Service Jean Puech PR
Minister of Overseas Jean-Jacques de Peretti RPR
Minister of Tourism Françoise de Panafieu RPR
Minister of Veterans and War Victims Pierre Pasquini RPR
Delegate Minister of Cooperation Jacques Godfrain RPR
Delegate Minister of European Affairs Michel Barnier RPR

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