Fifth Republic


From: 07/05/2002
To: 30/05/2005

Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin UMP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Dominique de Villepin UMP
Minister of Interior, Internal Security and Local Franchises Nicolas Sarkozy UMP
Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry Francis Mer INDEP.
Minister of Justice Dominique Perben UMP
Minister of Defence and Veterans Michèle Alliot-Marie UMP
Minister of Social Affairs, Employment and Solidarity François Fillon UMP
Minister of Youth, Education and Research Luc Ferry INDEP.
Minister of Health, Family and Handicapped People Jean-François Mattéî UMP
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fishing Hervé Gaymard UMP
Minister of Culture and Communication Jean-Jacques Aillagon UMP
Minister of Equipment, Transport, Housing, Tourism and Sea Gilles de Robien UDF
Minister of Environmental Protection Roselyne Bachelot UMP
Minister of Sports Jean-François Lamour INDEP.
Minister of Civil Service, ther Reform of the State and Territorial Planning Jean-Paul Delevoye UMP
Minister of Overseas Departments and Territories Brigitte Girardin INDEP.
Delegate Minister of the Budget Alain Lambert UMP
Delegate Minister of Internal Security and Local Franchises Patrick Devedjian UMP
Delegate Minister for European Affairs Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres UMP
Delegate Minister of Teaching Xavier Darcos UMP
Delegate Minister of Universities and Research François Loos PRV
Delegate Minister for the Cities Jean-Louis Borloo PRV

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