Berisha I

From: 10/09/2005
To: 11/03/2007

Prime Minister Sali Berisha PDSH
Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Rusmali PDSH
Minister of Foreign Affairs Besnik Mustafaj PDSH
Minister of Interior Sokol Olldashi PDSH
Minsiter of Economy, Industry and Energy Genc Ruli PDSH
Minister of Finance Ridvan Bode PDSH
Minister of Justice Aldo Bumçi PDSH
Minister of Defence Fatmir Mediu PRSH
Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Koço Barka PBDNJ
Minister of Education and Science Genc Pollo PDR
Minister of Health Maksim Cikuli PDSH
Minister of Agriculture Jemin Gjana PDSH
Minister of Tourism and Culture Bujar Leskaj PDSH
Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Lulzim Basha PDSH
Minister of Environment Lufter Xhuveli PAA
Minister of Integration Arenca Trashani PDSH

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