Second Republic

Schüssel III

From: 17/04/2005
To: 01/10/2006

Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel ÖVP
Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology Hurbert Gorbach BZÖ
Minister of Foreign Affairs Ursula Plassnik ÖVP
Minister of Economic Affairs and Labour Martin Bartenstein ÖVP
Minister of Finance Karl-Heinz Grasser INDEP.
Minister of Justice Karin Miklautsch (Gastinger) BZÖ
Minister of Defence Günter Platter ÖVP
Minister of Education, Science and Culture Elisabeth Gehrer ÖVP
Minister of Health and Women´s Affairs Maria Rauch-Kallat ÖVP
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management Josef Pröll ÖVP
Minister of Social Security, Generations and Consumer Protection Ursula Haubner BZÖ

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