Fischer (caretaker)

From: 08/05/2009
To: 29/05/2010

Prime Minister Jan Fisher ODS
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Kohout ČSSD
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Martin Barták ODS
Minister of European Affairs Štefan Füle ČSSD
Minister of Interior Martin Pecina ČSSD
Minister of Finance Eduard Janota ODS
Minister of Justice Daniela Kovářová ODS
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Petr Šimerka ČSSD
Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Miroslava Kopicová ODS
Minister of Health Dana Jurásková ODS
Minister of Agriculture Jakub Šebesta ČSSD
Minister of Culture Václav Riedlbauch ODS
Minister of Transportation Gustáv Slamečka ODS
Minister of Industry and Trade Vladimir Tošovský ČSSD
Minister of Environmental Protection Ladislav Miko SZ
Minister of Regional Development Rostilav Vondruška ČSSD
Minister of Human Rights and Minorities Michael Kocáb SZ
Minister without Portfolio Pavel Zářecký ČSSD

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