Rusnok (unsuccessful)

From: 10/07/2013
To: 07/08/2013

Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok -
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Martin Pecina -
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Jan Fischer -
Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Kohout -
Minister of Justice Marie Benešová -
Minister of Defence Vlastimil Picek -
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs František Koníček -
Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Dalibor Štys -
Minister of Health Martin Holcát -
Minister for Agriculture Miroslav Toman -
Minister of Culture Jiří Balvín -
Minister of Transportation Zdeněk Žák -
Minister of Industry and Trade Jiří Cieńciała -
Minister for Environmental Protection Tomáš Podivinský -
Minister of Regional Development František Lukl -

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