From: 29/01/2014
To: 21/10/2017

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka ČSSD
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Andrej Babiš ANO
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Research Pavel Bělobrádek KDU/ČSL
Minister of Foreign Affairs Lubomír Zaorálek ČSSD
Minister of the Interior Milan Chovanec ČSSD
Minister of Justice Helena Válková INDEP.
Minister of Defence Martin Stropnický ANO
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Michaela Marksová-Tominová ČSSD
Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Marcel Chládek ČSSD
Minister of Health Svatopluk Němeček ČSSD
Minister for Agriculture Marian Jurečka KDU/ČSL
Minister of Culture Daniel Herman KDU/ČSL
Minister of Transportation Antonín Prachař ANO
Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek ČSSD
Minister for Environmental Protection Richard Brabec ANO
Minister for Regional Development Věra Jourová ANO
Minister for Human Rights and Equal Opportunities JiřÍ Dniestbier Jr. ČSSD

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