From: 12/05/1993
To: 13/01/1994

Prime Minister Carlo Azeglio Ciampi INDEP.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Beniamino Andreatta DC
Minister of the Interior Nicola Mancino DC
Minister of the Budget and Economic Planning Luigi Spaventa INDEP.
Minister of Finance Franco Gallo INDEP.
Minister of Justice Giovanni Conso INDEP.
Minister of Defence Fabio Fabbri PSI
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Gino Giugni PSI
Minister of Public Education Rosa Russo Jervolino DC
Minister of Universities and Scientific and Technologic Research Umberto Colombo INDEP.
Minister of Health Maria Pia Garavaglia INDEP.
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Alfredo Luigi Diana DC
Minister of Culture and Environmental Heritage Alberto Ronchey INDEP.
Minister of Treasury Piero Barucci DC
Minister of Transport and Navigation Raffaele Costa PLI
Minister of Industry, Trade and Crafts Paolo Savona INDEP.
Minister of Foreign Trade Paolo Baratta INDEP.
Minister of Environment Valdo Spini INDEP.
Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Maurizio Pagani PSDI
Minister of Public Works Francesco Merloni DC
Minister without Portfolio Sabino Cassese INDEP.
Minister without Portfolio Valdo Spini PSI
Minister without Portfolio Fernanda Contri PSI
Minister without Portfolio Paolo Barile INDEP.
Minister without Portfolio Leopoldo Elia DC

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