Berlusconi I

From: 20/05/1994
To: 22/12/1994

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi FI
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Roberto Maroni LN
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Giuseppe Tatarella AN
Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Martino FI
Minister of Budget and Economic Planning Giancarlo Pagliarini LN
Minister of Finance Giulio Tremonti FI
Minister of Justice Alfredo Biondi UDC
Minister of Defence Cesare Previti FI
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mario Clemente Mastella CCD
Minister of Public Education Francesco D´Onofrio CCD
Minister of Universities and Scientific and Technologic Research Stefano Podestà FI
Minister of Health Raffaele Costa UDC
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Resources Adriana Poli Bortone AN
Minister of Culture Domenico Fisichella AN
Minister of Treasury Lamberto Dini INDEP.
Minister of Transport and Navigation Publio Fiori AN
Minister of Industry, Trade and Crafts Vito Gnutti LN
Minister of Foreign Trade Giorgio Bernini FI
Minister of Environment Altero Matteoli AN
Minister of Public Works Roberto Maria Radice FI
Minister without Portfolio Giuliano Ferrara FI
Minister without Portfolio Francesco Speroni LN
Minister without Portfolio Guiliano Urbani FI
Minister without Portfolio Domenico Comino LN
Minister without Portfolio Antonio Guidi FI
Minister without Portfolio Sergio Berlinguer INDEP.

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