D'Alema III

From: 23/12/1999
To: 19/04/2000

Prime Minister Massimo D´Alema DS
Minister of Foreign Affairs Lamberto Dini RI
Minister of the Interior Enzo Bianco DEM
Minister of Treasury, Budget and Economic Planning Giuliano Amato INDEP.
Minister of Finance Vincenzo Visco DS
Minister of Justice Oliviero Diliberto PDCI
Minister of Defence Sergio Mattarella PPI
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Cesari Salvi DS
Minister of Public Education Luigi Berlinguer DS
Minister of Universities, Scientific and Technologic Research Ortensio Zecchino PPI
Minister of Health Rosy Bindi PPI
Minister of Agriculture Paolo De Castro DEM
Minister of Culture Giovanna Melandri DS
Minister of Transport and Navigation Pier Luigi Bersani DS
Minister of Industry, Trade and Crafts Enrico Letta PPI
Minister of Foreign Trade Piero Franco Fassino DS
Minister of Environment Edoardo Ronchi FDV
Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Salvatore Cardinali UDEUR
Minister of Public Works Willer Bordon DEM
Minister without Portfolio Antonio Maccanico DEM
Minister without Portfolio Laura Balbo INDEP.
Minister without Portfolio Katia Bellillo PDCI
Minister without Portfolio Agazio Loriero UDEUR
Minister without Portfolio Franco Bassanini DS
Minister without Portfolio Livia Turco DS
Minister without Portfolio Patrizia Toia PPI

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