Prodi III

From: 23/05/2006
To: 04/05/2007

Prime Minister Romano Prodi INDEP.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Massimo D´Alema DS
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Francesco Rutelli DL
Minister of the Interior Giuliano Amato INDEP.
Minister of Economy and Finance Tommaso Padoa Schioppa INDEP.
Minister of Justice Clemente Mastella UDEUR
Minister of Defence Arturo Parisi DL
Minister of Labour and Social Policy Cesare Damiano DS
Minister of Education Giuseppe Fioroni DL
Minister of Universities and Research Fabio Mussi DS
Minister of Health Livia Turco DS
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Paolo De Castro INDEP.
Minister of Transport Alessandro Bianchi INDEP.
Minister of Infrastructures Antonio di Pietro IDV
Minister of International Trade Emma Bonino RI
Minister of Environment Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio FDV
Minister of Communications Paolo Gentiloni DL
Minister of Economic Development Pierluigi Bersani DS
Minister of Social Solidarity Paolo Ferrero PRC
Minister without Portfolio Linda Lanzillotta DL
Minister without Portfolio Giulio Santagata DL
Minister without Portfolio Luigi Nicolais DS
Minister without Portfolio Barbara Pollastrini DS
Minister without Portfolio Vannino Chiti DS
Minister without Portfolio Rosy Bindi DL
Minister without Portfolio Giovanna Melandri DS

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