Letta II

From: 15/11/2013
To: 22/11/2013

Prime Minister Enrico Letta PD
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Angelino Alfano NCD
Minister of Foreign Affairs Emma Bonino RDI
Minister of Economy and Finances Fabrizio Sacomanni INDEP.
Minister of Justice Anna Maria Cancellieri INDEP.
Minister of Defense Mario Mauro SC
Minister of Labour and Social Policies Enrico Giovanni INDEP.
Minister of Education, University and Research Maria Chiara Carroza PD
Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin NCD
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies Nunzia De Girolamo NCD
Minister of Cultural and Tourism Massimo Bray PD
Minister of Infrastructures and Transports Maurizio Lupi NCD
Minister of Environment Andrea Orlando PD
Minister of Economic Development Flavio Zanonato PD
Minister without Portfolio Enzo Moavero Milanesi SC
Minister without Portfolio Graziano Delrio PD
Minister without Portfolio Carlo Trigilia PD
Minister without Portfolio Dario Franceschini PD
Minister without Portfolio Gaetano Qualiariello NCD
Minister without Portfolio Cécile Kyenge PD
Minister without Portfolio Giampiero D´Alia UDC

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