Conte II

From: 05/09/2019
To: 17/09/2019

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte INDEP.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio M5S
Minister of interior Luciana Lamorgese INDEP.
Minister of Economy and Finances Roberto Gualtieri PD
Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede M5S
Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini PD
Minister of Labour and Social Policies Nunzia Catalfo M5S
Minister of Education, University and Research Lorenzo Fioramonti M5S
Minister of Health Roberto Speranza ART.1
Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova PD
Minister of Culture Heritage and Activities and Tourism Dario Franceschini PD
Minister of Infrastructures and Transports Paola De Micheli PD
Minister of Environment Sergio Costa INDEP.
Minister of Sport and Youth Policies Vincenzo Spadafora M5S
Minister of Public Administration Fabiana Dadone M5S
Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli M5S
Minister of Technological Innovation Paola Pisano M5S
Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities Elena Bonetti PD
Minister of European Affairs Enzo Amendola PD
Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia PD
Minister of Southern Italy Giuseppe Provenzano PD
Minister of Parliamentary Relations Federico D'Incà M5S

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