North Macedonia

Georgievski VI

From: 30/11/2001
To: 15/09/2002

Prime Minister Ljubčo Georgievski VMRO/DPMNE
Deputy Prime Minister Dosta Dimovska VMRO/DPMNE
Deputy Prime Minister Xhevdet Nasufi DPA
Deputy Prime Minister Kemal Musliu DPA
Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Krstevski LPM
Minister of Foreign Affairs Slobodan Čašule ND
Minister of Internal Affairs Ljube Boškovski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Economy Besnik Petai DPA
Minister of Finance Nikola Gruevski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Justice and Administration Inxhet Memeti DPA
Mnister of Defence Vlado Popovski LPM
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Bedredin Ibrahimi DPA
Minister of Science and Education Nenad Novkovski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Public Health Gjorgji Orovčanev ND
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Marjan Gjorčev VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Culture Ganka Samoilovska-Cvetanova VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Transport and Construction Ljupčo Balkoski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Environment Vladimir Džabirski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Local Self-Government Faik Arslani DPA

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