North Macedonia

Gruevski III

From: 26/07/2008
To: 05/06/2011

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski VMRO/DPMNE
Deputy Prime Minister Abdilaqim Ademi DUI
Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Starevski VMRO/DPMNE
Deputy Prime Minister Ivica Bocevski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Milošovski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Internal Affairs Gordana Jankulovska VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Economy Fatmir Besimi DUI
Minister of Finance Trajko Slavevski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Justice Mihajlo Manevski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Defence Zoran Konjakovski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Xhelal Bajrami DUI
Minister of Education and Science Pero Stojanovski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Health Bujar Osmani DUI
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Aco Spasovski SPM
Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kančeska-Milevska VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakievski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Local Self-Government Musa Xhaferi DUI
Minister of Environment Nexhati Jakupi DUI
Minister of Information Ivo Ivanovski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister without Portfolio Vele Samac INDEP.
Minister without Portfolio Hadi Nezir PDTM
Minister without Portfolio Nexhdet Mustafa OPE

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