North Macedonia

Dimitriev (interim)

From: 18/01/2016
To: 11/12/2016

Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev VMRO/DPMNE
Deputy Prime Minister Musa Xhaferi DUI
Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Besimi DUI
Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Peshevski VMRO/DPMNE
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Popovski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski SDSM
Minister of Economy Bekim Neziri DUI
Minister of Justice Adnan Jashari DUI
Minister of Defence Zoran Jolevski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Frosina Tashevska-Remenski SDSM
Minister of Education and Science Abdilaqim Ademi DUI
Minister of Health Nikola Todorov VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Michail Cvetkov SPM
Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kančeska-Milevska VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Transport and Communications Vlado Misajlovski VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Nurhan Izari DUI
Minister of Information Society Marta Tomovska-Arsovska VMRO/DPMNE
Minister of Local Self-Government Lirim Shabani DUI
Minister without Portfolio Jerry Naumoff INDEP.
Minister without Portfolio Vele Samak INDEP.
Minister without Portfolio Furhan Chako DPTM
Minister without Portfolio Nexhdet Mustafa OPE
Minister without Portfolio Bil Pavleski INDEP.
Minister without Portfolio Visar Fida DUI
Minister without Portfolio Goran Mickovski INDEP.

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