North Macedonia

Zaev V

From: 26/06/2019
To: 02/01/2020

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Zaev SDSM
Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani DUI
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski SDSM
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Radmila Šekerinska Jankovska SDSM
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister without Portfolio Kočo Angjushev INDEP.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov INDEP.
Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi DUI
Minister of Justice Renata Trenevska Deskoska SDSM
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mila Carovska SDSM
Minister of Education and Science Arbr Ademi DUI
Minister of Health Venko Filipce SDSM
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Trajan Dimkovski SDSM
Minister of Culture Husni Ismaili A
Minister of Transport and Communications Goran Sugareski SDSM
Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Naser Nuredini INDEP.
Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Manchevski SDSM
Minister of Local Self-Government Goran Milevski LDP
Minister of Political System and Inter-Ethnic Relations Sadula Duraki DUI
Minister without Portfolio Edmond Ademi SDSM
Minister without Portfolio Muzafer Bajram PCER
Minister without Portfolio Elvir Hasan PDTM
Minister without Portfolio Zorica Apostolovska NSDP
Minister without Portfolio Robert Popovski SDSM
Minister without Portfolio Bardul Dauti DPA

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