Juncker II

From: 07/08/1999
To: 13/06/2004

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Jean-Claude Juncker CSV
Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, Public Administration and Administrative Reform Lydie Polfer DP
Minister of the Interior Michel Wolter CSV
Minister of Economy and Transport Henri Grethen DP
Minister of Justices, Treasure and Budget Luc Frieden CSV
Minsiter of Labour, Enployment, Relations with the Parliament, Cults and Communications François Biltgen CSV
Minister of National Education, Professional Formation and Sports Anne Brasseur DP
Minister of Health and Social Welfare Carlo Wagner DP
Minister of Agriculture, Viticulture, Rural Development, Middle Classes, Tourism and Housing Fernand Boden CSV
Minister of Culture, Superior Education and Research and Public Works Erna Hennicot-Schoepges CSV
Minister of Cooperation, Humanitary Action, Defence and Environment Charles Goerens DP
Minister of the Family, Social Solidarity, Youth and Women´s Promotion Marie-Joseé Jacobs CSV

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