Bettel I

From: 04/12/2013
To: 05/10/2018

Prime Minister and Minister of Communications, Media and Cultures Xavier Bettel DP
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Foreign Trade, Homeland Security and Defence Étienne Schneider LSAP
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Asylum Jean Asselborn LSAP
Minister of Interior and Civil Service Daniel Kersch LSAP
Minister of Finance, Treasure and Budget Pierre Gramegna INDEP.
Minister of Justice Félix Braz DG
Minister of Labour, Employment and Economic Solidarity Nicolas Schmit LSAP
Minister of Education, Childhood and Youth Claude Meisch DP
Minister of Health and Equal Opportunities Lydia Mutsch LSAP
Minister of Agriculture, Viticulture, Rural Development, Parliamentary Relations and Consumer Protection Fernand Etgen DP
Minister of Culture and Accommodation Maggy Nagel DP
Minister for Sustainable Development, Transport, Public Works and Infrastructure François Bausch DG
Minister of Environment, Water and Land Management Carole Dieschbourg DG
Minister of Sport, Humanitarian Aid and Social Security Romain Schneider LSAP
Minsiter of Families and Greater Region Corinne Cahen DP

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