L. Frieden

From: 17/11/2023

Prime Minister Luc Frieden CSV
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Greater Region Xavier Bettel DP
Minister of Interior Léon Gloden CSV
Minister of Economy, Small and Medium Enterprises, Energy and Tourism Lex Delles DP
Minister of Finance Gilles Roth CSV
Minister of Justice Elisabeth Margue CSV
Minister of Defence, Equality, Mobility and Public Works Yuriko Backes DP
Minister of Sport and Labour Georges Mischo CSV
Minister of Education, Childhood, Youth, Housing and Land Planning Claude Meisch DP
Minister of Health and Social Security Martine Deprez CSV
Minister of Agriculture, Foord and Viticulture Marine Hansen CSV
Minister of Culture Eric Thill DP
Minister of Environment, Climate, Biodiversity and Civil Service Serge Wilmes CSV
Minsiter of Families, Solidarities, Togetherness and Reception Max Hahn DP
Minister of Digitalization, Research and Higher Education Stéphanie Obertin DP

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