Third Republic

Olszewski I

From: 23/12/1991
To: 08/05/1992

Prime Minister Jan Olszewski PC
Minister of Foreign Affairs Krzystof Skubiszewski INDEP.
Minister of Internal Affairs Antoni Macierewicz ZCHN
Minister of International Economic Cooperation Adam Głápiński PC
Minister of Finance Karol Lutowski INDEP.
Minister of Justice Zbigniew Dyka ZCHN
Minister of National Defence Jan Parys INDEP.
Minister of Labour and Social Policy Jerzy Kropiwnicki ZCHN
Minister of National Education Andrzej Stelmachowski INDEP.
Minister of Health and Social Welfare Marian Miśkiewicz INDEP.
Minister of Agriculture Gabriel Janowski PL
Minister of Culture and Art Andrzej Siciński INDEP.
Minister of Transportation and Marine Economy Ewaryst Waligórski INDEP.
Minister of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources, and Forestry Stefan Kozłowski INDEP.
Minister-Head of Central Planning Office Jerzy Eysymontt PC
Minister-Chief of the Council of Ministers Wojciech Włodarczyk PC
Chairman of the Committee for Scientific Research Witold Karczewski INDEP.
Minister without Portfolio Artur Balazs PSL "S"

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