Third Republic


From: 15/02/1996
To: 21/09/1997

Prime Minister Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz SLD
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Grzegorz Kołodko INDEP.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Roman Jagieliński PSL
Minister-Head of Central Planning Office Mirosław Pietrewicz PSL
Minister of Foreign Affairs Dariusz Rosati INDEP.
Minister of Internal Affairs Zbigniew Siemiątkowski SLD
Minister of International Economic Cooperation Jacek Buchacz PSL
Minister of Justice Leszek Kubicki INDEP.
Minister of National Defence Stanisław Dobrzański PSL
Minister of Labour and Social Policy Andrzej Bączkowski INDEP.
Minister of National Education Jerzy Wiatr SLD
Minister of Health and Social Welfare Jacek Żochowski SLD
Minister of Culture and Art Zdzisław Podkański PSL
Minister of Transportation and Marine Economy Bogusław Liberadzki INDEP.
Minister of Industry and Commerce Klemens Ścierki PSL
Minister of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources, and Forestry Stanisław Żelichowski PSL
Minister of Housing and Urban Development Barbara Blida SLD
Minister of Communications Andrzej Zieliński INDEP.
Minister of Privatization Wiesław Kaczmarek SLD
Minister-Head of Office of Council of Ministers Leszek Miller SLD
Chairman of the Committee for Scientific Research Aleksander Łuczak PSL

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