Third Republic

Buzek V

From: 22/10/2000
To: 23/09/2001

Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek RS AWS
Minister of Foreign Affairs Władysław Bartoszewski INDEP.
Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Marek Biernacki RS AWS
Minister of Economy Janusz Steinhoff RS AWS
Minister of Finance Jarosław Bauc INDEP.
Minister of Justice Lech Kaczyński INDEP.
Minister of National Defence Bronisław Komorowski SKL
Minister of Labour and Social Policy Longin Komołowski RS AWS
Minister of National Education Edmund Wittbtodt RS AWS
Minister of Health Grzegorz Opala RS AWS
Minister of Agriculture Artur Balazs SKL
Minister of Culture and Art Kazimierz Michał Ujazdowski SKL
Minister of the State Treasure Andrzej Chronowski RS AWS
Minister of Transportation and Marine Economy Jerzy Widzyk RS AWS
Minister of Environment Antoni Tokarczuk PPCHD
Minister of Communications Tomasz Szyszko ZCHN
Minister for Regional Development Jerzy Kropiwnicki ZCHN
Minister without Portfolio (co-ordinator of special "secret" services) Janusz Pałubicki RS AWS
Minister of Science Andrzej Wiszniewski RS AWS

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