Third Republic

Miller I

From: 26/10/2001
To: 01/03/2003

Prime Minister Leszek Miller SLD
Minister of Foreign Affairs Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz SLD
Minister of Interior and Administration Krzystof Janik SLD
Minister of Economy Jacek Piechota SLD
Minister of Finance Marek Belka INDEP.
Minister of Justice Barbara Piwnik INDEP.
Minister of National Defence Jerzy Szmajdziński SLD
Minister of Labour and Social Policy Jerzy Hausner SLD
Minister of National Education and Sport Krystyna Łybacka SLD
Minister of Science Michał Kleiber INDEP.
Minister of Health Mariusz Łapiński SLD
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Jarosław Kalinowski PSL
Minister of Culture Andrzej Celiński SLD
Minister of State Treasure Wiesław Kaczmarek SLD
Minister of Infrastructure Marek Pol UP
Minister of the Environment Stanisław Żelichowski PSL

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