Stauning II

From: 30/04/1929
To: 16/11/1932

Prime Minister Thorvald August Marinus Stauning S
Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Rochegune Munch R
Minister of Interior Bertel Dahlgaard R
Minister of Finance Carl Valdemar Bramsnæs S
Minister of Justice Carl Theodor Zahle R
Minister of Defence Laust Bie Rasmussen S
Minister of Welfare Karl Kristian Steincke S
Minister of Education Frederik Hedegaard Borgbjerg S
Minister of Agriculture Kristen Mortensen Bording S
Ministery of Industry and Trade Christen Nielsen Hauge S
Minister of Public Works Johannes Frederik Nicolai Friis-Skotte S
Minister of Church Affairs Niels Peter Lorentsen Dahl S

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