Buhl I (national union)

From: 04/05/1942
To: 08/11/1942

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Vilhelm Buhl S
Minister of Foreign Affairs Erik Julius Christian Scavenius INDEP.
Minister of Interior Knud Kristensen V
Minister of Finance Vilhelm Buhl S
Minister of Justice Eigil Thune Jacobsen INDEP.
Minister of Defence Søren Brorsen V
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Johannes Kjærbøl S
Minister of Education Jørgen Peter Laurits Jørgensen R
Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Kristen Mortensen Bording S
Minister of Industry, Trade and Shipping Halfdan Hendriksen DKF
Minister of Public Works Axel Gunnar Larsen INDEP.
Minister of Church Affairs Christian Vilhelm Christoffer Fibiger DKF

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