Kampmann II

From: 18/11/1960
To: 02/09/1962

Prime Minister Olfert Viggo Fisher Kampmann A
Minister of Foreign Affairs Jens Otto Krag A
Minister of Interior Hans Rynkeby Knudsen A
Minister of Economy Bertel Dahlgaard B
Minister of Finance Kjeld Løwenstein Philip B
Minister of Justice Hans Christian Poul Hansen A
Minister of Defence Poul Hansen A
Minister of Labour Jens Kaj Rudolf Bundvad A
Minister of Welfare Laurits Julius Bomholt A
Minister of Education Jørgen Peter Laurits Jørgensen B
Minister of Agriculture Karl Hansen Skytte B
Minister of Industry, Trade, Craft and Shipping Alf Børge Lars Peter Jensen A
Minister of Public Works Kai Lindberg A
Minister of Housing Carl Peter Jensen A
Minister of Church Affairs Bodil Koch A
Minister of Fisheries Arnold Christian Normann B
Minister of Greenland Mikael Gam INDEP.

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