Jens Otto Krag III

From: 28/11/1966
To: 23/01/1968

Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jens Otto Krag A
Minister of Interior Hans Erling Hækkerup A
Minister of Economy Ivar Nørgaard A
Minister of Finance Henry Grünbaum A
Minister of Justice Knud Axel Nielsen A
Minister of Defence Victor Bernhard Gram A
Minister of Labour Erling Kristian Dinesen A
Minister of Social Affairs Kaj Bundvad A
Minister of Education Knud Børge Andersen B
Minister of Agriculture Lauritz Christian Marinus Thomsen B
Minister of Culture Bodil Koch A
Ministery of Trade, Nordic and European Affairs Tyge Dahlgaard A
Minister of Public Works Sven Aage Pedersen Horn A
Minister of Housing Kaj Andresen A
Minister of Church Affairs Orla Reinhardt Møller A
Minister of Fisheries Jens Risgaard Knudsen A
Minister of Family Affairs Camma Sylvia Larsen-Ledet A
Minister of Greenland Carl Peter Jensen A
Minister without Portfolio Hans Juul Sølvhøj A

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