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806, 2018

HPSA Conference (Budapest)

June 8th, 2018|

Keynote speech on “European Party Systems in Crisis: Can We Fix It?” at the Annual Conference of the Hungarian Political Science Association in Budapest (Hungary).

1305, 2018

TV interview (Mongolia)

May 13th, 2018|

Interview on “party funding regulation in Mongolia” for MNB’s (Mongolian Television) News (between minutes 24th and 42nd).

1105, 2018

Roundtable (Mongolia)

May 11th, 2018|

Roundtable on “Political Parties in the Age of Populism” at the National University of Mongolia (Ulan Bator).

905, 2018

Presentation in Mongolia

May 9th, 2018|

Launch of the International IDEA “Level Up: Political Finance with Integrity Project”.

705, 2018

Fieldwork in Mongolia

May 7th, 2018|

Preparatory work for the assessment of party funding regulation in Mongolia (in collaboration with International IDEA).

2604, 2018

Presentation in UK

April 26th, 2018|

Presentation on “The Determinants of Vote for Anti-Political-Establishment Parties in Western Europe” at the 1st REPRESENT International Conference in Birmingham (UK).

1704, 2018

Another sweeping victory for Fidesz: a staggering blow to Hungarian democracy

April 17th, 2018|

By Gergő Medve-Bálint (Centre for Social Sciences-Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

On 8 April, at 7pm sharp, voting at the 2018 Hungarian general elections officially ended. However, it was not until 10:55pm when the first results were announced by the National Election Office. Millions of voters were anxiously and later angrily waiting for the results that were […]

1104, 2018

ECPR Joint Sessions (Cyprus)

April 11th, 2018|

Co-director (with Dr. Angela Bourne, Roskilde University) of a workshop on “Rethinking ‘Militant Democracy’ in the Age of Populism in the Age of Populism” at the 46th European Consortium for Political Research Joint Sessions of Workshops in Nicosia.

2503, 2018

Seminar in UK

March 25th, 2018|

Seminar lecture at the School of Politics and International Relations of the University of Leicester (UK).

1503, 2018

Same same but different? Germany’s way to a new-old grand coalition

March 15th, 2018|

By Sophia Hunger and Theresa E. Gessler (European University Institute)

In September 2017, Germans went to the polls – almost half a year later, Angela Merkel was elected as chancellor governing with another round of the previous grand coalition government. In this post, we discuss how this new-old government came about, why coalition formation took exceptionally […]